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Falstaff at the Seattle Opera tomorrow
Concerto competition Monday
Recital Thursday

Tax return was beyond awesome = from buying a house AND being a full time student.

Beau and I want to go on a vacation. We're thinking Greece. Or at least I mentioned Greece and Beau said "that would be great" and I turned that into "we're going to Greece" in my head... Either way, we'll go somewhere fun. Even if it's just Victoria and bungee jumping again.

Life is good right now. I hope I can save this feeling up for the moments when life starts going the other direction.

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Once in awhile I have days where I just want to avoid the world and hide under the covers.

However, this is rare.

So much happier than I was years ago. Life is so great. Beau is great. School is great. Great. The only thing that would make life better is more cheese.

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The Christmas present Beau and I gave each other was our week to Manhattan before Christmas. Our hotel was great, cabs and food were expensive so we quickly learned to take the subway and eat ANYWHERE but in time's square ($20 nachos for one).

We got discount tickets to Broadway in the 7th row of Phantom (my 4th time seeing it though not since I was 14 and Beau has only seen the crap-tastic movie). It was good. Okay. But so...lacking when I compare it to the operas I love. I wish they'd get better singers. And the stage seemed so tiny. It was still good though.

We had box seats to Les contes d'Hoffmann at the Met. Anna Netrebko was gorgeous and sounded so wonderful - I don't care what people say about her. Katherine Kim's doll aria was delightful. Kate Lindsay was good as Nicklausse but I wished I could hear her better. The richness of her voice almost seemed to mute it a bit. Hard to explain. Looking forward to seeing her in Amelia at the Seattle Opera.

We won tickets to Letterman and saw the taping with Sarah Jessica Parker and Leona Lewis. Beau calls SJP "horse face" but admitted she was very charming and witty during the interview. I don't care for Leona's music, but it was okay.

My auditions went extremely well but I won't find out results until February. Regardless, I sang my best and they talked to me after each audition for quite awhile. I also was asked to sing 3 songs at auditions where everyone else I heard before me sang only 2. Hope that's a good sign. Martina Arroya was very sweet to me and told me they were fighting over what to have me sing - they wanted to hear all 5. Just have to remember that rejection is part of the job.

Love our house. Love having a fireplace (even though it's gas, sadly). Love that everyone is healthy and safe.

Beau's work is flying him to Philadelphia in early Jan and then to CA until mid-Feb. He'll be back in time for my recital and Figaro performances.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday

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So much to do:

Closing on our BRAND NEW HOUSE/moving

Memorizing my role in Figaro

Working on applications/auditions for opera summer programs

Junior Recital

Current musical goes up this week

trying to find time for friends and family

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I am getting really frustrated in my search for finding a good opera summer program.

I want it to include:

-Performing a whole show (I don't care which as long as there is a good low mezzo part)
No recitals-only programs or opera scenes if I can help it.

-Intensive language lessons

-Not $8000 please.

-Great staff.

Any ideas?

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I'm looking for someone who knows how to apply this kind of crazy dramatic eye makeup. Please respond if you know how or know someone who does! Thanks

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